The Brothers of Destruction attacked Triple H and Shawn Michaels


Things have gotten personal between The Undertaker and Triple H in the run-up to the Last Time Ever at WWE Super Show-Down — so personal, in fact, that Shawn Michaels and Kane have been roped in as backup for the two living legends. But in the final Raw before the epic clash, HBK stopped by to make one thing clear: He had originally intended to be an “innocent bystander” and was only getting involved because The Undertaker had crossed a couple of lines in their last confrontation. Now, given the escalating attacks and the presence of The Big Red Machine, he would not hesitate to unleash Sweet Chin Music on Kane should he try to rush the ring in Australia.

He didn’t have to wait until then. The deafening boom of Kane’s pyro cut off Michaels, and The Devil’s Favorite Demon appeared in the ring behind Michaels and dropped him with a stinging right hand; then the lights dimmed, and The Deadman himself materialized beside his brother. Triple H attempted to even the odds, but only managed a pair of haymakers before The Brothers of Destruction made quick work of him and HBK, dropping both men with Chokeslams before The Phenom administered a final Tombstone to The Game. The line has been crossed. This is as personal as it gets. And now, there are no innocent bystanders.

Source: WWE